Rentals of Motor Boats or Luxury Yachts in Colombia; YACHT CHARTER CARTAGENA

How To Handle Every Boat Charter in Colombia Challenge With Ease Using These Tips. Everything You Wanted to Know About BOAT RENTALS IN COLOMBIA and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask.


Imagine being able to feel a wind-blowing experience all over your face while you travel the most beautiful islands in Colombia ( Islas Del Rosario ) or Isla de Baru; With the Motor Yachts Rental, we can provide you a different point of view to get away from the routine, relax for a while and enjoy your vacations. Our goal has always been to provide quality service and outstanding customer support. When you choose Yacht Charters Cartagena we provide you with the very best. You can count on us for a fast turnaround on proposals and quotations. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to discuss your preferred, custom itinerary and to answer any questions you may have. There is nothing more relaxing than to survey the Colombian paradise Islands Rosario from the deck of your own private yacht. This remarkable vacation experience, previously the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, is now more affordable, and rates are competitive with that of a high-end cruise ship. In fact, many sophisticated vacationers prefer private charters due to the increasing size and anonymity of a cruise ship experience. Enjoy all personalized and attentive our service that the renting of private charter brings. For immediate assistance Call Us +573008703039.


Luxury and high style await you with a huge selection of luxury elegant and stylish beautiful Motor yachts that will you turn in to a typical boat ride and a beautiful and very meaningful boat traveling experience. Nothing spells out high status like the bow of a High-end yacht, and you are sure to impress the Paradise and Colombian Caribic area residents with our great Luxury yachts charters. Let the wind uncombed you! There is no comparison of the best scenario that we provide along with the most breath-taking sunsets of North Colombia for your engagement, romantic dinner, and anniversary celebration. Can you ask for more? Imagine yourself in paradise in one of our very Luxury yachts, with the fresh smell of the Caribbean sea surrounding your peace of mind and the deep sense of the best freedom the open sea always entails. Now make your dream come true!

Motor Yachts & Speed Boats, Sailing & Catamarans and Fishing Charters

We are privately owned and was established in 2010 in Cartagena in Colombia, the yachting capital of Colombia.
From 2015 We have expanded our Business to Panama, Bahamas, Cancun, Dominican Republic, and Dutch Antilles.
Water Fantasias was created to cater to the needs of the visitor market on Caribe. With tourism being the largest single industry on Caribe, along with the ideal geographical location and weather, the creation of such a company seemed the only natural. We completed over 350 party yacht charters last year alone, of which 150 were corporate events, and more than 500 Motor Yachts & Speed Boats, Sailing & Catamarans and Fishing Charters. All you need just let us know We have all you need on all Top Destination on Caribe. As we continue to grow, we continually strive to offer our clients not only superior service but also new and exciting chartering options unavailable elsewhere in the market.