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Romance Under the Sunset Cruise In Cartagena

For those who take pleasure in a romantic evening, enjoying the tranquil beauty of Cartagena’s islands on a Sunset Cruise is ideal. We depart when there’s still plenty of daylight remaining. Our objective is twofold: First, we want you to see some sights while you can distinguish them clearly and also get a feel for where you are; the waterfront scene after dark can be even more enjoyable when you are well-oriented to your surroundings and can put everything in perspective. Second, we want to have time enough to be able to cruise to one of the several sites that offer an outstanding view of the sunset. Watching Mother Nature put on a spectacular show as the sun glides down behind any of Cartagena’s islands of Rosario magnificent skylines can be an awe-inspiring experience, and yet it’s so very much better when seen from a “perfect” vantage point. Then comes the “magic hour.” After sundown, the expansive mansions that line our waterways come alive in a display of light and color, and the cityscapes actually sparkle — all Islands by Cartagena has one of the more outstanding “night-lighted” urban landscapes anywhere, and when viewed from the water it can be almost breathtaking.


If you book a charter on or near the night of a full moon, you get a marvelous bonus: watching the moon rise and spread its soft pale glow across the shimmering water. It’s an absolutely magnificent experience. And as the old (old!) song reminds us: “Ooh Ooh Ooh, What a Little Moonlight Can Do!”


But even when a full moon isn’t part of it (and, unfortunately, it can be for only four or five days a month), an evening cruise is sure to please both the eye and the soul with its superb combination of romance and beauty. Wine, soft drinks, and hors d`oeuvres included.