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5 Brilliant Ways To Use Yacht Charter Cartagena For Your Social Event

Say goodbye to ballrooms and hello to panoramic views of the Intracoastal and create an extraordinary social event with a yacht charter. We offer all-inclusive packages that make planning any social event a no-brainer. With customizable entertainment and decor options, a variety of catering options and an attentive service staff, your event is sure to be the talk of the town when you choose some of our Luxury Yachts In Cartagena.

Yacht Charter Cartagena offers the yachts for Social Events in Cartagena.

These vessels, offered by Yacht Charter Cartagena, can accommodate smaller groups and is ideal for high-end social events, birthdays, and family day cruises.

This motor yachts can do short overnight trips to the Islas Del Rosario, Bora Bora & Cholon, and has accommodations for (see descriptions of any yacht how many guests)  in cabins with king-size beds and ensuite heads (bathrooms).

  • Schedule on special events with us and make your day unforgettable in the company of your special ones!
  • Birthday Parties, Reunions, Anniversaries and Quinceañeras.
  • Available for small and big groups.
  • Wedding Cruises in Cartagena.
  • Honey Moon Tours in Cartagena.